Council Chartered Units


What is a council chartered unit?

This is a new option councils have to be the direct chartering organization to a unit.

Why is the council directly chartering units?

Due to the national bankruptcy and many related complications, some current chartering organizations have stated they will no longer charter Scouting units. The council will directly charter those units in the interim. 

Can a unit find a new chartering organization?

No. The charter organization relationship is a formal partnership between the Narragansett Council and that organization. An employee of the Narragansett Council MUST be the one to locate and secure a new chartering organization from an approved list of organizations.

How will this work?

Submitting applications:

As of September 1, 2021 the Narragansett Council switched to online youth applications. Online youth applications can be accepted by any member of the unit's key 3 or their delegate. Key 3 is the Chartered Organization Representative, Committee Chair, Scoutmaster/Cubmaster/Crew Advisor/Skipper. 

Adult applications cannot be submitted online due to the need of our adults to submit a CORI form and that is not yet a feature on the adult application process. Paper adult applications are still the appropriate means to sign up a new adult. The COR Delegate will provide their recommendation to the Chartered Organization Representative to all council chartered units. The COR Delegate should sign the adult application. 

Adult applications should be submitted to Kara McKeon. She will coordinate the COR signature on your behalf. 

What is a COR Delegate?

This person should serve as the direct liaison to the council and the COR for council chartered units. Click here for the job description of the COR Delegate. 

Resources for COR Delegate:

Reference checklist

Adult application recommendation sheet

How is recharter going to work?

Here are the steps to follow for a smooth recharter process:

  1. Obtain a letter of release from the church/current chartering organization.
  2. Identify a COR Delegate
    1. COR Delegate signs Annual Charter Agreement.
  3. Confirm members who are returning and who are not. 
  4. Collect 2023 registration fees from each person.
    1. 2023 Recharter fee table (does not include $25 New Member fee) Per Person 
      Cubs/Scouts BSA $129.00
      Venturing/Sea Scouts $90.00
      Exploring $45.00
      Adults $60.00
      Unit insurance fee $100.00
  5. Log into the new Internet Rechartering system through Internet Advancement/Scoutbook. 
  6. Once you are ready to submit your recharter select pay at council so we can help to ensure you are not overcharged. Refunds are not issued if paid directly to the national office through the system. 


Letter of release template (meant to be personalized)
Council Annual Charter Agreement
Reference Checklist (for COR Delegate)
Adult Application Recommendation Sheet (for COR Delegate)
Memo from Providence Diocese on no longer chartering

Requesting the council EIN

UMC Facility Agreement

UMC Affiliation Agreement



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